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This is the first school year since my very first as an educator that I have felt truly daunted - completely intimidated and utterly excited at the possibilities. After coming off of a very rough 2013-2014 school year (which included a short time when I thought about leaving education), I am venturing out into the great unknown by taking on a new position in a new school with people I didn't know before. Well, before today that is.

Being a new teacher, regardless of whether you're a first year or changing schools, can be difficult. Walking into inservice on the first day when all faculty and staff are back is like being a deer staring down the headlights: You walk in. Look around. You know no one, but everyone knows you're the "new kid". Then comes the question everyone dreads when walking into a room: "Where do I sit?"

That's kind of how I felt today... for about 5 seconds.

One of the things I learned quickly about the team of instructional leaders and educators I'm joining is that they embody collaboration and family. They have a huge sense of pride about their students ("We have great kids" "Our kids are awesome" "We truly have some of the best students") and their school ("Trojan Pride Never Dies"). It's invigorating just being around them. That's when I knew I had made the right choice.

I want my new school to feel they made the right choice in me, so this year my "New School Year Resolution" is to Recommit. Recommit to my passion as an educator. Recommit to positivity. Recommit to networking and making new friends. Recommit to being a servant leader. Recommit to the belief that I am supposed to be an educator. Recommit to the educator I know I can be.